Logo & Corporate Identity Branding

I specialize in apparel and event branding. I've successfully branded numerous apparel and lifestyle brands. Below is a selection of brand identities I have created.

Mckenzie SewOn

I developed the new brand for McKenzie SewOn in early 2015. McKenzie SewOn is a 30+ year old screenprinting, embroidery, and promotional company. The company had been transitioning itself from a strictly service based model to a consultancy model for larger clients. They felt like it was time to develop a cohesive brand identity that better expressed that transition and could showcase to their clients that they understand the power of a strong brand. After developing the brand identity I worked on the in-house marketing team to manage the brand and other visual project. I created videos, marketing campaigns, and in-house initiatives to promote and establish a healthy company culture that reflected the goal of the brand.


The EXPNW brand is an apparel line that focuses on peoples love for the Pacific Northwest. It captures their need to explore and experience the outdoors with a unique designs style.

I personally developed the logo mark, the point of sale display, the t-shirt graphic's unique style, as well as the individual shirt graphics for the initial product launch.

This brand is sold in various retail locations throughout Oregon, Seattle, and Idaho.

Eugene Culture Clash

The Eugene Culture Clash was first held in 2015. It is a yearly event hosted by Cumulus Radio. They approached us to develop a logo and supporting items for the event.