I developed this packaging and flavor concept with a premium soda brand in mind. The illustration, lettering, and colors where chosen specifically so that the packaging would stand out and call attention to itself on shelves. Increasingly, modern packaging is  becoming typographic heavy, favoring traditional Swiss styles, which I feel like takes away from the personality of the products. This concept was developed to showcase how we can still capture a products essence while maintaining bold and playful elements that consumers enjoy.


For this concept, I first developed a name that could be used for some kind of beverage. I wanted something with personality. I settled on the name "Angry Rain". The challenge was to take a fairly heavy name with words that denote negative feelings and make it into something fun that people would want to try.


I experimented with a couple different styles before settling on using hand lettering in place of an existing font. I also played with various ideas utilizing illustrations of rain, but felt like the rain illustrations where not bold enough. I settled on illustrating a rain cloud to convey the rain concept.


After settling on the style and general concepts I began sketching out ideas in Adobe Photoshop. My process for illustrating is generally the same in my sketchbook or digitally. I begin getting general information and shapes laid down with a non-photo blue pencil. Once that is done I go back over it either with pencil or with ink to capture the details and finalize everything. Once the inked illustration was completed I brought it into Adobe Illustrator to vectorize and add colors. In the case of the design, I realized that the initial layout for the text was not going to work well on bottle labels, so utilizing the same style I recreated the text in illustrator. From there I used various mockups to show how the design would fit on packing, and different bottle and aluminum can styles.