Weekly Inspiration - Live Illustration Battles, How to Activate Your Inner Badass, and Testing Product Ideas

I don't know about you, but I'm constantly looking for inspiration. I love ideas, and keep notebooks, sketchbooks, and digital folders full of quotes, stories, snippets, and saved images as inspiration for future projects. I wanted to share some of the cool things I've found throughout the week. 

I found this awesome list of 50 ways to active your inner badass - Written by life coach Amy Young. 

Check out this awesome interview on the podcast Pencil vs Pixel (which is probably my favorite podcast) with hand lettering artist and designer Bob Ewing. Bob is also one of the founders of the monthly button club INCH x INCH which donates it's proceeds to art programs in K-12 schools. 

A pretty sweet guide found it's way into my inbox this week about how to test a product idea with $50 or less

I came across a pretty slick site (which I'm totally stealing ideas from - eat your heart out Austin Kleon) called Podcast Designer. I really admire the way that Zach found a niche and is marketing to it. 

While searching through instagram I came across a super talented lettering artist Stephen Pies.

I've also become completely obsessed with following anything that has to do with Secret Walls live illustration battles

Stay inspired and be awesome.

- Brandon 

Brandon Waite