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Carson O'Brien Custom Longboard

b. 1986, HK.



Layout Design
Character Design
Color Theory


This project was done for a friend of mine, who is an avid long-boarder. In a conversation I mentioned that if he was ever interested I would love to try my hand at painting on a longboard, it is something I hadn't done yet but always wanted to do. He brought a board in the next day. When considering what the subject matter of the board should be I remembered that this friend had dressed up as a flamingo for Halloween, Pink tights and all. It wasn't to much more of a leap to incorporate some more personality into the board.

I started the process by sanding down the bottom of the board and smoothing it out and than wiping it down with a damp rag. Once the bottom of the board was clean and dry I applied white acrylic gesso. Once dry I taped some tracing paper onto the board in order to get the layout of the elements I wanted and played around with everything. Using the tracing paper as my reference I sketched the elements onto the board in pencil. I painted the board using acrylic paint. I was really excited to use some new "neon" colors on this one that worked really well and gave the board some good vibrancy. Once the painting was completed and the paint was dry, I applied a permanent acrylic gloss varnish to the board to protect it from UV light and water damage.