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Life is Beautiful Poster

Life is beautiful Poster


The Life is Beautiful festival is a yearly event held in my hometown of Las Vegas. It is part of a revitalization effort for the downtown area (close to Fremont Street). The festival is a celebration of art, music, food, and good times. The event hosts a wide array of musicians playing live concerts, as well as street artists, illustrators, and sculptors creating art live during the festivities. Each year the festival invites artists, illustrators, and designers to develop poster to promote the event. The chosen winner receives free passes to the festival and the posters are sold at the event.

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The competition is very open. There are no style guides given out or specific requirements. While this can be liberating it can also be difficult during the conceptualization phase. Another challenge for this project is the stigma that Las Vegas has as a destination for all things, shall we say, questionable.


I grew up in Las Vegas, so I have a deep love for the city, and I wanted to show the otherworldly feel that Las Vegas can have. It quiet literally can translate a person to another country, city, or time. The illustration I developed reflected that in the floating casinos. I decided to including giant butterflies in the design to bring a sense of innocence and wonder to the city.


After developing the initial concept, I spent some time gathering reference images of some of the more recognizable casinos in Las Vegas. Based on those images I created a rough sketch to get placements down and filled in specific casinos. Once the sketch was completed I brought it into Procreate to complete the actual illustration. I used the Pencil by 53 for this one. I first went through and inked the piece. Once that was completed I disabled the inking layer and went back through to do color blocks. I choose to do an ethereal painterly style to emphasize the concept. Once everything was painted I added the ink layer back on and went in and softened it so it would go better with the colored style.

Since the predominate colors in the piece are cool, the butterflies are orange and red and serve to balance out both the color and the arrangement of the floating elements. I put some finishing touches and adjusted sizing in Adobe Photoshop.