Waite Illustrate Art Studio




I developed this label for TōV Coffee & Tea located in Portland Oregon. TōV is super unique in that they serve Egyptian style coffee from a red double decker bus. They reached out to me to create a label for their top selling cold brew coffee called Mint Thing. The goal was to create a unique and fun label that would capture TōV Coffees quirky personality and stand out on the shelf as a unique product.


Mint Thing is the first cold brew that TōV was packaging for mass market retail. This meant that we had a great opportunity to start the branding and design for the can from scratch. We knew that we wanted to incorporate the bus somehow if possible and early concepts also included Egyptian elements. We also needed to find solutions that would incorporate illustration with typographic elements.


Ultimately we decided on a concept to make the front of the can into the front of the TōV bus. This evolved into an illustration of the front of the bus surrounded by different typography. We created a word cloud design for the back of the can with illustrated elements of the ingredients of the Cold Brew. We also incorporate both main colors from the TōV bus which is red on the outside and purple on the inside.


We started with a kickoff meeting at the TōV bus. I was able to try some of the products and spend some time in the space getting a feel for the atmosphere and the customers. After the meeting I went around and took some reference photos of both the inside and outside of the bus from multiple angles. These proved extremely helpful later on when I both worked up some rough concepts and when I created the final illustrations.

The first stage after the meeting was researching the history of TōV Coffee as well as the different elements and illustration styles we discussed. I then drew up some rough concepts in my sketchbook to share. Almost immediately we narrowed into the idea of putting the front of the Bus on the font of the can. I worked in Procreate on my iPad Pro with Apple Pencil to create the Bus illustration, background texture, and ingredient illustrations. Once we had those dialed in I switched to Adobe Illustrator to work on the text elements and layout for the final label.

Brandon helped guide me through the while process with such ease especially considering this was my first time doing any kind of product development.
— Joe Ensley / TōV Coffee