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Oregon Apparel



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I worked with Oregon Apparel update their logo mark and to develop a custom maple leaf pattern. They came to me with the idea based on a couple of acrylic paintings that her father had done. They wanted to create a custom pattern to use on apparel and promotional products.

The biggest challenge with this project was finding the correct style that we wanted to move forward with. We started with some pretty simple and basic painted shapes to more stylized leaves and finally settled on a more realistic style.

This was created using Procreate on the iPad Pro with Apple Pencil. I was provided with images of the original paintings that the idea came from. I spent some time researching the different type of maple leaves in Oregon and especially the different colors and mottled patterns that they have throughout the year. We tried a couple different styles before settling on a more realistic traditional looking style. I used a combination of drawing, painting, and blurring with a variety of different brushes to get the textures I wanted. Adding shadows under each leaf and throughout the illustration made a huge difference in the overall pattern and helped define each leaf while still creating an interesting pattern.

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