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Oregon Ducks Custom Shoes

Oregon Ducks Custom Shoe Designs


As a member of the solutions team for McKenzie SewOn, I worked closely with the Account Manager, Director of Sales, and Director of Marketing to develop some custom shoe designs for a handful of clients in the collegiate market and other retail industries. We worked with a couple factories in order to bring some of the concepts to life. One of the largest was for the the University of Oregon's Duck Store.


I had never designed a fully custom shoe before. We took some heavy inspiration from Vans, but as with any product, it comes down to designing with what is actually possible in mind. 


For our presentations we decided to come up with multiple options and styles staying with a more basic color way. We wanted people to be able to wear the show without having to be to loud about what it was they where representing.


I started by developing a custom photoshop mockup file based on the shoes that we wanted to create. Each part of the shoe was created as a separate layer in an attempt to keep things a bit more organized. Once that was completed, I took detailed measurements of the shoe areas and created the patterns in adobe illustrator. Once those where completed I took each part and applied them to the photoshop mockup file. In order to get the actual shoe made, I supplied both he mockups and the illustrator pattern files to our factory.


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