Waite Illustrate Art Studio


My Process

Each project I work on is unique. But the process I use to develop each project is tried and true. Here is an outline of what you can expect when working with me. 



Every project starts with a conversation. I want to make sure I know what your goals for the project are. The answers provided will help me understand what type of project this is, any background information, and details that I need in order to get started.

Review and Agreement

After the project brief is submitted, I will review the answers to determine if we are a good fit based on your needs and my skills and availability. I will then put together a contract that details my proposed pricing, deliverables, schedule, and payment details. I normally do not charge an hourly rate, but instead, I charge on a per-project basis. Pricing will vary depending on the project details, timelines, and the value that the final product will provide.

Once terms are finalized, you will need to return the signed contract. From there, an initial invoice for a 50% deposit will be sent to you. Once the payment is received I will begin the illustration or design process.




Every project begins with research. I will use the answers you provided in the project brief as a starting point to research your market, product, competition, and target audience. I believe in investing time and effort up front in order to make the final piece as effective as possible. During this phase, I may reach out to you with additional questions or clarifications. 

Concepts / Sketches

This step starts out with thumbnails and rough sketches of potential ideas and directions for your illustration or design. Depending on the project, these can be either physical or digital. I will narrow down these ideas into a single concept that I feel best meets the project goals. This step can be quite extensive depending on the project requirements.




After the concept is approved I begin creating the final piece. This is when the final color palette will be determined. The phase is normally done in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. This step usually includes quite a bit of adjusting, refining, and fine-tuning


Almost there! Once you give final approval I will provide you with a brief case study explaining the vision, reasoning, and details of the illustration or design. My write-ups are simple and straightforward and will list how the new art will help your project achieve its goals. 

Once the final invoice has been paid, I will provide the file types specified in the contract.