Case Studies

Below is a running list of projects I’ve worked on. Some are personal, some are for clients. Check out my process and thoughts on each project below. Hit me up if you have any questions or want to work together!


Carson O’Brien Custom Longboard

This project was done for a friend of mine, who is an avid long-boarder. In a conversation I mentioned that if he was ever interested I would love to try my hand at painting on a longboard, it is something I hadn't done yet but always wanted to do. He brought a board in the next day. When considering what the subject matter of the board should be I remembered that this friend had dressed up as a flamingo for Halloween, Pink tights and all. It wasn't to much more of a leap to incorporate some more personality into the board. 


Univeristy of Oregon - custom shoes

As a member of the solutions team for McKenzie SewOn, I worked closely with the Account Manager, Director of Sales, and Director of Marketing to develop some custom shoe designs for a handful of clients in the collegiate market and other retail industries. We worked with a couple factories in order to bring some of the concepts to life. One of the largest was for the the University of Oregon's Duck Store.


Angry Rain Packaging Design & Illustrations

I developed this packaging and flavor concept with a premium soda brand in mind. The illustration, lettering, and colors where chosen specifically so that the packaging would stand out and call attention to itself on shelves. Increasingly, modern packaging is  becoming typographic heavy, favoring traditional Swiss styles, which I feel like takes away from the personality of the products. This concept was developed to showcase how we can still capture a products essence while maintaining bold and playful elements that consumers enjoy.


Chasing fluffy pink unicorns

Ghost Runners Brewery released a new seasonal beer called Chasing Fluffy Pink Unicorns in 2017. They approached me to create some custom artwork for them to use for t-shirts, posters, hats, and a possible label. They wanted to mimic the illustration style of the cartoon My Little Pony. I did a couple rough concept sketches and got to work. I used Kyle T Websters Nupastel photoshop brushes. The pastel style helped defined the airy and fluffy feeling we where going for on this illustration.


Dutch bros. coffee apparel lines

I headed these projects as the Creative Director at McKenzie SewOn. We where approached by Dutch Bros. to develop some apparel lines for their retail and in-house initiatives. They provided us with a general direction based on various images. I directed a small group of designer and illustrators and together we where able to develop two apparel lines, one for fall and one for spring.


McKenzie sewon rebrand

I developed the new brand for McKenzie SewOn in early 2015. McKenzie SewOn is a 30+ year old screenprinting, embroidery, and promotional company. The company had been transitioning itself from a strictly service based model to a consultancy model for larger clients. They felt like it was time to develop a cohesive brand identity that better expressed that transition and could showcase to their clients that they understand the power of a strong brand. After developing the brand identity I worked on the in-house marketing team to manage the brand and other visual project. I created videos, marketing campaigns, and in-house initiatives to promote and establish a healthy company culture that reflected the goal of the brand.