Waite Illustrate Art Studio

Women's Leggings



A  women's luxury sportswear brand was considering sponsoring a marathon run. They where looking to commission a designer to come up with a fun and playful legging design for the runners to wear during the race, helping raise the profile of their brand. They where looking for something playful and eye-catching. The designer kit was to be auctioned off online after the run to raise funds for a number of charities.



The biggest challenge for me on this one was developing designs that would be fun and enjoyable while also fitting the form of the legs and creating a flattering silouette. 


I opted to use bright colors and abstract patterns for this one. I used abstract patterns so that when the leggings are stretched out and worn the design would not look distorted.


Creating patterns is always a fun challenge. You want to create something unique but it's difficult to accomplish that when developing patterns. For this project I started out in one of my sketching apps, Paper by 53, since it most closely mimics how pencil on paper feels. I began sketching some patterns out and initially landed on a weave style. I than went back and added some loose color blocks. I took that sketch and went into Adobe Illustrator to create the vector pattern based on the sketch. I also decided to use the same color palette but create another pattern inspired loosely by heart monitor lines. I great abstracted both the weave and pulse patterns and added vibrant colors. I purposely strayed away from neon colors and mixed the brighter colors with some heavier colors so that the patterns would have a grounded feel to them, while still be fun and playful.