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Dutch Bros. Coffee - Dutch Funk Line

Dutch Bros. Coffee approached McKenzie SewOn to develop a fall fashion line to sell in retail and to offer their employees. They provided us with a general direction based on various images. I directed a small group of designer and illustrators and together we where able to develop what we referred to as the "Dutch Funk Line".

Creative / Art Direction: Brandon Waite
Concept Consultation: Michael McCormick, Joel Halberg, Zoe Skordahl
Shirt Designs: Scott Adams, Alex Fleiner, Brandon Waite, Nevan Doyle
Photography: Breanna Farner


Dutch Bros. Coffee - Spring Collection

The McKenzie SewOn team was approached to develop a new spring line of clothing for Dutch Bros. Coffee. They wanted the line to be a homage to their past and a nod to their future.

We took this opportunity to revamp some of their older designs and create a some new ones. We paired the designs with a carefully selected lineup of fashion tees that would best exemplify the Dutch Bros. culture. I was able to direct the work of some super talented designers and illustrators for these graphics.

Creative / Art Direction: Brandon Waite, Rob Boyer
Fashion Consultation: Zoe Skordahl, Rachel Strasshofer
T-Shirt Designs: Alex Fleiner, Tyler Briggs, Rob Boyer, Tucker Stosic
Photography: Breanna Farner

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Oregon Ducks Custom Shoe Designs


As a member of the solutions team for McKenzie SewOn, I worked closely with the Account Manager, Director of Sales, and Director of Marketing to develop some custom shoe designs for a handful of clients in the collegiate market and other retail industries. We worked with a couple factories in order to bring some of the concepts to life. One of the largest was for the the University of Oregon's Duck Store.


I had never designed a fully custom shoe before. We took some heavy inspiration from Vans, but as with any product, it comes down to designing with what is actually possible in mind. 


For our presentations we decided to come up with multiple options and styles staying with a more basic color way. We wanted people to be able to wear the show without having to be to loud about what it was they where representing.


I started by developing a custom photoshop mockup file based on the shoes that we wanted to create. Each part of the shoe was created as a separate layer in an attempt to keep things a bit more organized. Once that was completed, I took detailed measurements of the shoe areas and created the patterns in adobe illustrator. Once those where completed I took each part and applied them to the photoshop mockup file. In order to get the actual shoe made, I supplied both he mockups and the illustrator pattern files to our factory.


Check out the other designs I developed for different clients below


Mckenzie SewOn

I developed the new brand for McKenzie SewOn in early 2015. McKenzie SewOn is a 30+ year old screenprinting, embroidery, and promotional company. The company had been transitioning itself from a strictly service based model to a consultancy model for larger clients. They felt like it was time to develop a cohesive brand identity that better expressed that transition and could showcase to their clients that they understand the power of a strong brand. After developing the brand identity I worked on the in-house marketing team to manage the brand and other visual project. I created videos, marketing campaigns, and in-house initiatives to promote and establish a healthy company culture that reflected the goal of the brand.

Promotional Flyers & Posters

Working on the marketing team I created a large variety of promotional flyers for products and services. A selection of the flyers and posters are below.




A  women's luxury sportswear brand was considering sponsoring a marathon run. They where looking to commission a designer to come up with a fun and playful legging design for the runners to wear during the race, helping raise the profile of their brand. They where looking for something playful and eye-catching. The designer kit was to be auctioned off online after the run to raise funds for a number of charities.



The biggest challenge for me on this one was developing designs that would be fun and enjoyable while also fitting the form of the legs and creating a flattering silouette. 


I opted to use bright colors and abstract patterns for this one. I used abstract patterns so that when the leggings are stretched out and worn the design would not look distorted.


Creating patterns is always a fun challenge. You want to create something unique but it's difficult to accomplish that when developing patterns. For this project I started out in one of my sketching apps, Paper by 53, since it most closely mimics how pencil on paper feels. I began sketching some patterns out and initially landed on a weave style. I than went back and added some loose color blocks. I took that sketch and went into Adobe Illustrator to create the vector pattern based on the sketch. I also decided to use the same color palette but create another pattern inspired loosely by heart monitor lines. I great abstracted both the weave and pulse patterns and added vibrant colors. I purposely strayed away from neon colors and mixed the brighter colors with some heavier colors so that the patterns would have a grounded feel to them, while still be fun and playful.