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Zombie Poster

Grr...Argh! Zombie Poster


This poster began as a drawing for Inktober. I really enjoyed the original drawing so I wanted to make it into a full color poster. Growing up I really enjoyed the shows Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. For anyone who watched those shoes you'll remember the end of each episode had the Mutant Enemy zombie walk across the screen with a "Grrr...Argh...". I decided to pay homage to that iconic end of credits animation.


If you are not familiar with the Inktober challenge, it was started by illustrator Jake Parker. The idea is that every day in the month of October, those participating need to complete one ink drawing every day and share it on social media. The challenge was coming up with the initial subject that related to the single word prompt and than complete that ink drawing the same day. My normal routine allowed for about a 2 to 3 hour window for the process.


Fortunately for the initial ink drawing, I had come up with the idea of what I wanted to do a couple days before and was able to find some suitable reference materials. I also took some liberties experimenting with different styles using a brush pen. Any errors where able to be corrected easily in Photoshop.


The original ink drawing was created by first getting the proportions, gestures and details blocked in with a non-photo blue pencil. Once that initial sketch was completed I went back over to add in additional detail and finalize everything with a wood pencil. This is the step where I determined the shadows as well. Once the pencil sketch was completed I went through and inked the piece with my trusty brush pen. It was a couple months later that I scanned the image in and brought into Adobe Photoshop to apply color and text. I used my Intuos Pro for this part.